Elite Asset Staffing professionals are committed to assisting you in finding the job you want! An important part of the process includes writing an effective resume. Writing your resume requires thought, careful planning and your maximum effort.

The primary purpose of your resume is to help you secure an employment interview. The resume must convince a prospective employer that you are an outstanding candidate, who has something of value to contribute to his/her organization. Once convinced, the prospective employer will consider it well worth his or her time to meet with you and conduct a personal interview.

To accomplish this, your resume must emphasize your contributions and accomplishments –not simply state the names of your past employers.

For most of us, writing a resume does not come easily. The information on the following pages will help you to know what to say, how to organize it and how to say it.

Before you can proceed with the actual process of writing your resume, you need to have a considerable amount of data at your fingertips. List the following details about all of your previous employment:

  • Name of Employer (City, State)
  • Dates of Employment (Month, Year)
  • Position Title
  • Functional responsibilities and size/scope of your position (In bullet form)
  • List at the minimum 5 bullets which highlight your responsibilities
  • Add major accomplishments
  • Include metrics (if applicable)


This guide has been designed to help you write your resume. Below is a brief description of each step required to develop a good resume. Please read through each item carefully. Once you have completed these assessments, you will be ready to start writing your resume.

Resume Guidelines:

Read through this section for tips on resume content, style and format. It is recommended that you use a standard word-processing software program (Microsoft Word) to create your resume.

Action Words:

The first exercise consists of reading the Action Words listed (see below). Read through ALL the words and circle, underline or highlight those words that describe activities that you have done in your work experience. This exercise helps you think of accomplishments associated with the words that you have selected.

Skills & Skill Areas:

The second exercise requires you to read the Skills & Skill Areas (See below). This list is designed to assist you in thinking about the many responsibilities and job functions that you have experience or accomplishment in your career. Again, circle, underline and/or highlight those skills that you have performed in your past positions.

Chronological Resume – Sample:

Review the sample resume that demonstrates content, format and style. Notice that in the SUMMARY statement at the top of the resume, personal characteristics have been included. For example, these would describe traits: flexible, quick learner, creative, etc. When listing specific skills such as software, include name and version. When listing equipment, include model and manufacturer.

Resume Guidelines

There are several important guidelines to follow regarding your resume:

Content, Style and Format Do’s Content, Style and Format Don’ts
Present yourself accurately and positively Don’t include salary information
Include only enough information to encourage an employer to find out more. Don’t include references. Reference requests are made when there is actual hiring interest. Do not say “References Available Upon Request” on resume.
List your most recent positions or areas of expertise and work backwards. Work from strengths. Don’t lie or exaggerate.
Include brief descriptions, when appropriate, of the companies where you worked: size, sales, volume, products, etc. Don’t use pronouns, abbreviations, conjunctions, or jargon unless terms are widely known and accepted.
Stress and illustrate accomplishments. Include when possible the result of your accomplishments and/or the improvements made. Don’t include data that could result in discrimination (age, race, and number of children, marital status, religion, etc.). Do not include a photograph.
Put education at the end. Include courses or training sessions that you have attended/completed. Don’t have someone else write your resume – ask for advice, but you know yourself best and will have to defend the contents
Use the strongest action words. Don’t crowd the margins or use excessively small type or different fonts.
Make the resume attractive to the eye. Don’t overdo the use of capitals, bold type italics or underlined phrased
Have others proofread and critique your resume. Don’t use colored paper other than white or off-white. Avoid heavily textured papers.


Management Skills
Communication Skills
Research Skills
Technical Skills
Administered Addressed Clarified Assembled
Analyzed Arbitrated Collected Built
Assigned Arranged Critiqued Calculated
Attained Authored Diagnosed Computed
Chaired Corresponded Evaluated Designed
Contracted Developed Examined Devised
Consolidated Directed Extracted Engineered
Coordinated Drafted Identified Fabricated
Developed Edited Inspected Maintained
Directed Enlisted Interpreted Operated
Evaluated Formulated Interviewed Overhauled
Executed Influenced Investigated Programmed
Improved Interpreted Organized Remodeled
Increased Lectured Reviewed Repaired
Organized Mediated Summarized Solved
Oversaw Moderated Surveyed Trained
Planned Motivated Systematized Upgraded
Prioritized Negotiated
Produced Persuaded
Recommended Promoted
Reviewed Publicized
Scheduled Reconciled
Strengthened Recruited
Supervised Spoke
Teaching Skills
Financial Skills
Creative Skills
Helping Skills
Appraised Administered Acted Assessed
Audited Allocated Conceptualized Assisted
Balanced Analyzed Created Clarified
Budgeted Appraised Designed Coached
Calculated Audited Developed Counseled
Computed Balanced Directed Demonstrated
Developed Budgeted Established Diagnosed
Forecasted Calculated Fashioned Educated
Managed Computed Founded Expedited
Marketed Developed Illustrated Facilitated
Planned Forecasted Instituted Familiarized
Projected Managed Integrated Guided
Researched Marketed Introduced Referred
Planned Invented Rehabilitation
Projected Originated Represented
Researched Performed

Skills & Skill Areas

This list contains both transferable skills and special-knowledge skills areas, but is not a comprehensive list. Use this list is to help you think about all of your job responsibilities and the skills required to complete them.

Account Management Field Research Presentation
Accounting Food Preparation Presentation Graphics
Accounting Software Forecasting Printing
Administration Fundraising Production
Analysis & Evaluation Graphic Design & Layout Program Design
Audio-Visual Presentation Group Benefits Promotion & Publicity
Bookkeeping Interviewing Public Relations
Budgeting Inventory Control Public Speaking
Business Communications Investigation/Research Purchasing
Business Management Languages Quality Control
Career Development Litigation Support Real Estate
Classroom Teaching Lotus (Version__) Receptionist
Client Services Management Analysis Records Management
Communications Market Research Recruiting
Community Organizing Marketing Reporting
Community Relations Media Resource Development
Computer Usage Microsoft Access (Version__) Sales (inside; outside)
Contracts & Agreements Microsoft Excel (Version___) Statistical Analysis
Coordination Microsoft PowerPoint (Version___) Supervision
Corporate Administration Microsoft Publisher (Version___) Systems Analysis
Cost Analysis Microsoft Word (Version___) Teaching
Curriculum Development Negotiation Technical Writing
Customer Service Office Management Telecommunications
Data Entry (Alpha/Numeric) Outreach Telemarketing
Data Processing Payroll Testing
Decorating Payroll Software Training
Desktop Publishing Performing Arts Transcription
Display Personnel Training Typing
Drawing and Illustrating Photography Visual Arts
Editing Policy Making Word Processing
Equipment Maintenance Writing
Expense Reduction


Chronological Resume – SAMPLE


State, Zip

Telephone and email


Five years business experience as an Administrative Assistant. Strengths include ability to manage several projects simultaneously, work under pressure, and meet deadlines. Quick learner who takes initiative and produces results.


ABC Printing Company, Dallas, TX                                              May 2014 – Present

Administrative Assistant

  • Create and coordinate the production of quality proposals and documents for customers as member of quote team
  • Produce $35,000 in cost savings by setting up hardware models and system configurations o automate the quote process, increasing department efficiency
  • Calculate and input price and cost information into database, with zero errors
  • Train support staff to increase knowledge of company computer system
  • Updated and maintained quote information for three particular lines, resulting in timely response to customer requests
  • Compiled customer mailing lists and quote database information
  • Ordered and monitored office supply needs (totaling $100,000 annually) for the sales and marketing departments

Woodbury Consultants, Dallas, TX                                               September 2012 – March 2014

Data Entry/Secretary

  • Maintained database of member pledges and addresses for non-profit organization
  • Introduced a new tracking system, which reduced retrieval time of key information
  • Performed accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll
  • Provided clerical support in a purchasing department, including processing return authorizations, proofreading contracts, and inputting orders and part numbers


Dallas County Community College – Business Administration – Associates Degree

Graduated May 2012


  • Microsoft Word 2016
  • Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • QuickBooks



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