The thank you note is deceivingly difficult to start, no matter who you’re sending them to. Writing them to hiring managers after a job interview takes that challenge to a much higher level.

After all, you want to seem gracious, excited, and enthusiastic about the role. At the same time, you want to avoid going overboard and giving off the wrong vibe. And of course, no matter how difficult they are to write, you have to send one; a good thank you not can mean the difference between a second interview and a one way trip to the “pass” pile.

So how do you write the perfect interview thank you note every time?

A Guide to the Post-Interview Thank You Note

The hardest part about writing a great thank you note to a potential employer for many of us? Just getting started.

Next time you’re searching for a little inspiration, look no further than this template by Business Insider. It not only shows you what a stellar note looks like, it also explains the reasoning behind various parts of the letter. With this guide in hand, you’ll be writing the perfect thank you note every time in every circumstance. In fact, you’ll be ready to send out your difference-making thank you email that same day.

A good job interview makes a good first impression. And a well-crafted, timely thank you note can leave a lasting impression! 

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