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Jacki Nitti, Managing Partner

Jacki brings a world of experience to Elite Asset Staffing. She served in the U.S. Navy for seven years prior to entering the staffing industry. She then joined Randstad where she rose through the ranks, winning several awards while there, including the prestigious Presidents Club award seven times. In 2016, after more than 20 years in the industry, Jacki founded Elite Asset Staffing. Jacki brings passion and commitment to her candidates and clients. She has an eye for talent and is dedicated to the highest level of customer care and service. Her expertise is recruiting for professionals in the areas of accounting and finance, administration, customer service, and human resources.

Elite Asset Staffing

Most coaches will tell you that in sports, an elite athlete is a valuable asset to the team, because an elite athlete performs at a very high level. At Elite Asset Staffing, we believe this philosophy applies just as easily to business. The rationale is simple — no one does it alone. Business is a team sport! So what does it mean to be an “elite asset” to a successful team or organization? It means:

  • Having the drive, determination and discipline required to consistently perform at high levels while always finding ways to improve.
  • Being fully aware that our appearance, attitude and actions have an impact on everyone, at all levels.
  • Leading by example, regardless of job title or responsibilities.
  • Being adaptable. Many times, there are changes within an organization that require even the “best of the best” to be flexible in ways they did not foresee.

Our goal at Elite Asset Staffing is to provide our clients and candidates with the type of services that embody these traits.

So, go ahead and set the bar high. We’ll meet you there!

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