You are so AWESOME ! You definitely taught me a lot in the short time we met. I know that (and had a part), because of your teaching and cheering me on to be confident, I was able to find this new opportunity. I will always remember you and will continue to send you only the best employees your way. Thank you again Jacki



The elite caliber, the thoroughness and excellence of Jacki, my representative was Heaven sent. I appreciate her so much. I felt like I had someone who was so supportive and who really cared about my success and followed through and still continues to follow through even after her “job”was done. She’s such a light, incredibly informative and dedicated to seeing her people succeed. Thank you Jacki x1 million.



Jacki is truly amazing. She invests so much time to make sure that I had all the information I needed for my interview. She answered all of my questions and made me feel confident and prepared for all of my interviews. I would highly recommend Jacki and would love to use her service if I ever needed it in the future.



Jacki Nitti is one of the best staffing agents I have dealt with in a very long time. I have dealt with many in my career, and I must say she is very helpful and wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and confident in the position I am in. She’s very kind, helpful and she will do her very best to find the right position for you and to advocate for you



I would like to share how Elite Asset Staffing’s managing partner Jacki Nitti changed my life with one call. I was working for a company as their HR Generalist feeling disengaged and no room for growth. I decided to send out my resumes in search of other work opportunities where my I would be able to fully use my skills, knowledge, and expertise as an HR Generalist. And then I received a call from Jacki presenting a job opportunity. Jacki’s enthusiasm and positiveness drove me to move forward with accepting the offer as an HR Specialist. I have never felt this happy and motivated in my career. Everyday my passion and dedication towards this job grows stronger. Jacki accurately matched me with the right company and right group of people to work with. I recommend her services and expertise to anyone in need and/or search of the perfect job! I will forever be thankful for meeting Jacki and working with her.



I want to thank Jacki Nitti because she is the best recruiter I have ever met. She is very professional and knows what her candidate is looking for to work. She prepared me and motivated me for my interview even on the weekends. I am really thankful for her guidance, support and motivational tips during my job search. I am very happy and grateful that I have met her. Thank you for being so kind and trusting myself. She knew I could do it and she gave me that little kick for where I am. I highly recommend working with Jacki. Thank you Jacki for being so kind and believing in me.



I can’t thank Elite Asset Staffing enough especially Jacki for helping me get this wonderful position as an HR Intern with an outstanding company. Jacki was an amazing help and the entire time she was encouraging, helpful, caring, supportive, kind, etc. I am very happy with my new position because I am learning so much, I am working alongside amazing co-workers and I am enjoying every aspect of it. Elite Asset Staffing has been a great help in the entire process and would recommend this agency to anyone looking to find a job/role that fits them. Thank you Elite Asset Staffing, and Jacki for everything you have done for me.



Jacki has gone above and beyond any recruiter I have worked with in the past. She worked with me diligently to prep with me for the position I was interviewing with and provided extremely helpful feedback once I accepted the position. In addition to being extremely diligent she was a very nurturing demeanor and she makes you feel very comfortable. She cares about you and that is evident with her weekly follow ups. It was a total pleasure working with her.



Thank you to Elite Asset Staffing, and specifically, Jacki Nitti for placing me into not only the position I desired, but an exciting new career after only the second interview! 

Job searching is no easy task in today’s market, but it takes a real professional dedicated to her craft to listen and  intuitively identify the right fit that is mutually beneficial for the candidate & the organization alike. The entire  process was wholly personalized and seamless, and it shows that she takes great care in working with each of her  clients on an individual basis. 

I am excited to share that the company has extended me a permanent full-time offer, and to you I owe a great deal  of gratitude. Thank you!



Jackie is the most amazing person I’ve ever worked with. From our very first conversation I could tell she  genuinely wanted to change my situation. I’ve worked with quite a few agencies over the last year but she  was the only one who made sure to check in with me weekly to make sure things were going well with the placement.  I realized how truly wonderful she was when I brought her name up in a random conversation to an employee and  found out that Jacki had placed her here as well. To hear her expressing my exact sentiment meant to me that she  loves what she does and didn’t just throw her people anywhere. Her actions truly show how much she cares about  her people. She definitely gave me a second chance career and I am ever so grateful. 



Unlike Managers from my past, Jackie made it her business to take my needs and wants very seriously. Whenever I ran into an issue I always knew I could go to her and let my issues be known. She never made me feel like I just had to settle for what I got. If a company or business was not working out, or seemed to be in my best interest Jacki made sure to get me all the help I could get to make things right. So far Jackie has connected me with 3 companies that I have worked for, 2 of which I stayed with for more than 2 years. The current company I am with, that Jacki was able to connect me with is by far the best company I have ever worked for in my 16 years of working! I know for a fact I would not have come across this company if it weren’t for Jacki.



In December 2021 a friend recommended Jacki Nitti at Elite Asset Staffing to help me find a new job. From the initial meeting with Jacki she was very kind and understanding. She took the time to evaluate my needs and understand why I was looking for new employment. She was very thorough with helping me determine the new role I was looking for by helping me with my resume and she was very reassuring with any questions I had. When it came time for me to interview at my now new place of employment Jacki helped with prepping me for my virtual and in person interview. Jacki made sure I was the best version of myself to land the position. She always kept in contact with me on any updates and I never had to follow up because and her team are very professional.



I want to thank you for the opportunity you have brought into my life. At a time where I felt lost in what I wanted to do, this company provided a path I never saw the possibility to be on. I was unemployed for about 6 months without having received any unemployment benefits. To say I was desperate was an understatement.

I had several interviews, but no luck on securing a position, until Jacki Nitti from Elite Asset Staffing stumbled upon my resume and from then on, I was employed. I had another job offer lined up as well while under Elite Asset Staffing, but I chose to stay because I felt that I had provided my passions and information to finding the right job for me and the agency gave me a sense of understanding. They knew what I truly wanted and found the best fit for me. Their online system was easy to navigate. The communication is 100% genuine and effective. I gave it a chance and now I’m officially hired at a job I truly appreciate and actually enjoy.

I am immensely grateful for being a part of a staffing agency who listens and considers your passions for any position offered. In my time here, I’ve felt encouraged, appreciated and above all respected. I am eternally grateful and would recommend this agency specifically Jacki Nitti to any person trying to find a job during these precedent times. She has been such a light I needed and I can not thank her enough!



Jacki met me in a very particular moment of my life, while looking for a job. We all know it is not an easy moment, and the particular situation and conditions that I was in, made it even harder. I spent a month applying for jobs, dozens every day, and interviewing multiple times a day. In this chaos, I met Jacki. Jacki was not like every other recruiter. You can sense if somebody is listening to you with interest or not. You can feel if you are just another number to the recruiter, or they are actually caring for your situation, and are invested in developing a purposeful business relationship. I have met plenty recruiters and I have been a recruiter myself, but Jacki is just different. As soon as we started to talk, I knew I had been lucky meeting her. She is simply, awesome. Her voice and tone, always smiling, it made me want to be happy too through the uncertain path of finding a job. She gave me confidence. She made me see what I can do and who I am. She made me feel special and successful, to the point where I wondered if she was doing it just as a “role” to boost my confidence or she really meant it, because of the glorious worlds she would use to describe my skills, abilities, and personality. After some time, I realized her compliments and happiness were deeply authentic and genuine. Jacki found this job for me, a job that I did not even applied for. She was able to read my person and understand where I could have been happy and successful. I live in this country by myself, and I can assure you that a recruiter who calls you at 6am the day of the interview to make sure you are up and running, or
me wanting to call her as the first person after the interview was done to share my thoughts and happiness, means a everything. She was my companion in this adventure, she believed in me, trained me, discussed with me and helped me in any possible step and way. After I got the job, she wanted me to call her every day for the first week after work. I was happy to. I wanted to share what was going on in the office, my experiences, and I still see her as a mentor, and a sponsor to me. I still call her at the end of every week, and she is the person I trust to discuss business matters with.
The experience with Elite Asset Staffing was like no other BECAUSE OF Jacki. Thank you for everything Jacki, your encounter changed my life, in better.



I was at my last employer for almost 7 years, I was growing dissatisfied with my slow career growth. After updating my resume, I began a passive search on the online job boards. Drawn out interview processes and delayed decision making was beginning to deter me from further recruitment, until I received a phone call from Ms. Jacki Nitti. Her enthusiastic voice and energetic attitude convinced me to interview at a multinational luxury brand company. Jacki made sure I was adequately prepped and set me up for a success! Jacki kept constant communication after the interview and during the decision-making process. Once an offer was made, she was beyond ecstatic to present me with the news. My experience with Jacki was beyond exceptional! I am so grateful for her assistance in helping me begin a new chapter of my life. Thank you Jacki!



Jacki is the best. She reached out to me one day and set me up for an interview and coached me on how to present myself. She helped through my entire interview process until I accepted the position. Jacki gave me such a confidence boost! I am now one month into my new position and I am so happy. Jacki still checks in on me to make sure I am doing well. Thank you Jacki!

Jacki Nitti has helped me to find both of my last two positions and I couldn’t be more thankful for her hard work in doing so. Without her putting in the time and energy, and advocating for me as a candidate, my career could be a very different place. Jacki has found me positions that have allowed me to gain experience, grow as a professional, and expand the path of my career moving forward. Jacki truly cares for her candidates; she doesn’t just place you in a role and walk away. She follows up, checks in and makes sure the position is everything you wanted and you are happy. It has been such a pleasure working with her. Thank you Jacki!!

I would like to thank Elite Asset Staffing for this amazing opportunity. A special thanks to Jacki Nitti because she gave me great pointers and mentioned me throughout the interview process and after I got hired. Jacki basically started my professional accounting career by giving me this awesome opportunity which is going to change my life significantly. We are living in this pandemic situation, where it is hard to find a permanent job with 0 to 1 year of experience. I have been looking for employment for more than 6 months and it wasn’t easy. And finally, I met Jacki at the end of March and she prepared me well and motivated me to land this awesome job. So, I really appreciate Jacki’s help and diligent work in this amazing journey. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.
Jacki was by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with. She truly invests herself wholeheartedly. I knew from our very first telephone conversation that she genuinely cares and is dedicated to all of her clients and candidates. Throughout the whole process she supported me, listened to me and gave me fantastic advice. I am forever grateful to her for finding me my dream job! Jacki is a true professional, first-class and extremely knowledgeable. I cannot express enough what a remarkable experience it was to work with her. I would highly recommend Jacki and I cannot thank her enough for placing me in my new role
From our initial phone conversation, to my being hired, Jacki was beyond amazing to work with. Attentive, thorough and supportive, are a few words that come to mind. A true professional who makes the job seeking process a delight. I for one am beyond thankful for her demeanor and disposition. A genuine class act!
I am very proud to write a recommendation for Jacki Nitti and share my personal experience with her services. I have worked with Jacki for over 25 years, and have found that her determination, professionalism, and experience was very much appreciated when I was changing careers. I have managed long and successful careers with less than half a dozen good companies in the last two decades, and when it was time to move on, Jacki was the first person I called. She knew exactly the right match for my skill set and the company’s requirements. She always kept in touch, before, during and after the transition. During COVID, my company of 14 years went through a very large organizational change, and my position was to be eliminated. Shortly before the reorg, I reached out to Jacki, who started working on my profile immediately. Jacki had the right connections, and I was employed in my dream job shortly after the layoff. This happened in the middle of a pandemic, when there were hiring freezes everywhere in my chosen profession. That’s pretty amazing. I would recommend her to anyone not just looking for a good job, but the right match. Both the company and the employee gained on this one.

One of the greatest phone calls I ever made in my executive career was to Elite Asset Staffing! Jacki and her remarkable team have been nothing short of amazing! They are professional, supportive, and dedicated in ensuring that they make your dream job a reality. They immediately become your best ally and are tenacious in their pursuit to match your skill set and job aspirations with the perfect position. Elite Asset guided me through all phases of the interviewing processes while providing me with invaluable suggestions. When I heard the words “Congratulations, you have been accepted for the job and they want you” I knew I couldn’t have done it without the guidance of the Elite Asset team. Finally, and what means the most to me personally is that once I got my new job, the Elite Asset team did not become instant strangers! The relationship we forged continued and even after I started my new role they consistently checked in with me to make sure that everything was going well and that the placement was the right fit. This support and dedication to the people they work with only reinforces my overall trust in their professionalism, integrity, and performance. I encourage everyone, regardless of what employment situation you find yourself in at this moment to contact Elite Asset Staffing now! My experience was life changing and I am eternally grateful to Jacki and her team for helping propel my career into what it has become today. Thank you!

Jennifer H.


“Thanks to Elite Asset Staffing, I wasn’t just hired for a job, I was hired for something that I enjoy, something I am happy to wake up and go to every day. They helped me plan everything out for a field I was interested in exploring and made sure I was prepared for every curveball that may have come my way.  I would recommend Elite Asset Staffing for anyone who would like to take the next step to achieve not only their career goals, but their personal goals as well.

– Jordan 


“On my interview day, I met with Jacki and Susan to talk about what sort of a job I was looking for. At the time I was a bit unsure of what exactly I wanted to do. After sitting down with both Jacki and Susan, we were able to figure out that with my knowledge and skills, I would be a good fit for an Administrative Assistant position. Not only were they able to steer me in the right direction but they also found me a position within an hour! I expected them to get back to me in a few days or a week but I got a call back from them in the next hour and I was able to start my position the week after. I am very glad to have met both Jacki and Susan, as they are wonderful people and very helpful and they care about placing you in the right job!”



“The entire staff at Elite Asset Staffing are in the business of identifying individuals who are the right fit for their clients. They take a very hands-on approach when connecting you with the job that complements your skill set and personality. There are never any surprises. They give you the tools and prepare you for the interviews. Even now that they have placed me in a permanent full-time position, at the most amazing company. Jacki still checks up on me from time to time. Their personal touch and genuine interest are what sets them apart from the rest. I would recommend Elite Asset Staffing to anyone in the market for a job or just want a change.

Thank you, Jacki, Paul, and Vanessa, for everything.”

Mark C.


“After putting my career on hold for five years to start a family, the thought of re-entering the workforce was not only intimidating but nerve wrecking. However, all those fears were put at ease when I met Jacki Nitti from Elite Asset Staffing. She is AMAZING! Not only did she find me opportunities that met my requirements in term of location, salary and work to life balance, but she also gave me the confidence to land the job that I wanted. She is encouraging and positive and really sets you up to succeed. Jacki goes beyond her duties and really makes sure that the opportunities she presents to you are perfect for you! She provides you with great information about the company you are interviewing with, gives you great interviewing tips and most importantly makes you feel confident! I have worked with other agencies before but Elite Asset Staffing is by far the best agency I have had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you, Jacki, for being so supportive, encouraging and genuinely happy for my success.”



“I would like to compliment Elite Asset Staffing on the fantastic job they do when it comes to getting the job done. I’d especially like to give a big thank you to Vanessa Blundell for the phenomenal work she did at finding me a job and not just any job, but a job that fit my needs and wants.

Vanessa brought me in, got to know me and within a matter of 15 minutes knew exactly what types of jobs would be a great fit for me. Within a month or 2 Vanessa got me an interview as a receptionist with an exceptional construction company. Vanessa helped me update my resume and prepped me for the interview so that there was no way I could not get the job. Little did I know before I stepped out of the interview the manager that interviewed me had her mind already made up that I was perfect for the job!

I got the call back 2 days later that I was hired and they wanted me to start immediately! I have never had anyone be so dedicated to getting me hired for a position as much as Vanessa was. She was determined that I was going to get a job as soon as possible, whether it be the company I work at now or another. She made it her duty to get me the job I was looking for. I can honestly say she was right on the money when she said she thought this job would be perfect for me because I ABSOLUTELY love the company I work for now. The people are great, the hours work very well for me and the pay was up to my standard.

So again, thank you, Vanessa! I will forever be grateful. If you’re looking for a staffing agency that will go above and beyond to make sure you get the job of your dreams give Elite Asset Staffing a call!”

Jashirele S.


“I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to work with Elite Asset Staffing. Working with the representatives at Elite Asset taught me so much. I learned great interview skills and qualities that I will never forget. They always made sure I was prepared for any job opportunity that came my way. If I had a question, concern, or just needed some guidance, they were always there for me. They have a way of making sure you are always comfortable in your position and that you have all the tools you need. A week didn’t go by where they didn’t check in, always making sure I was doing well in my position. That was something that was very important to me because it proved that they were willing to go above and beyond no matter the day or time.

Thanks to them, I found a position that I am truly happy in. They did everything in their power to find me a place where I could grow in my career and that challenges me daily. Many thanks to Jacki Nitti for believing in me and giving me a chance!

Elite Asset Staffing is the BEST!”

–  Kayla M.


I want to take the time to thank Jacki Nitti for placing me in my current position.
What I appreciated the most about Jacki is that she was very consistent and determined to place me in a position that fits my needs and skills. Jacki has truly helped me tremendously by preparing me for the interview and also being my cheerleader and making me feel like I can conquer anything.
Again, thank you so much, Jacki, for placing me in a lifelong career, not just a job!
– Amirah 

“I have worked with Elite Asset Staffing for  1 year and during that year, they  has always shown strong dedication and commitment. I appreciate their quick responses, efficiency and prompt follow-up to every email, call and or text. They are very friendly, approachable, helpful and patient, and demonstrates professionalism and passion. Elite frequent courtesy calls, texts and follow-ups have maintained our close working relationship. Elite often goes  the extra mile asking “how are things, have a wonderful weekend”, this means a lot. The staff over at Elite has gained my trust and respect, and I always recommend them to other job seekers within my personal contacts. I can honestly say we have transformed our business relationship into a friendship.”

– Rose 


Dear Elite Staffing,

I really wasn’t looking for a job but I was definitely open to other opportunities.

That’s when Jacki Nitti called me to let me know that there was a job opening and did I know anyone that would be interested.

Little did I know that Jacki was secretly hoping that I would take the bait and say “I am”, which I did.

That was the best decision I ever made. From the beginning Jacki was enthusiastic, excited and encouraging. I have to be honest, in the beginning I was nervous and hesitant about making the change but now I can honestly say that I couldn’t be happier. If it wasn’t for Jacki and her amazing team I would not be where I am today. She has the most amazing people working for her and Jacki really has an amazing intuitive sense about people and what works.

I cannot recommend Elite Asset Staffing enough. If you are looking for a new and amazing opportunity they are the place you need to call. They have amazing relationships with so many companies and have an outstanding reputation for providing outstanding employees in all aspects of the work force. The only regret you will ever have is not taking that chance!

Thank you Jacki and Tom for everything!!



I highly recommend Elite Asset Staffing for your career advancement. Jacki and Paul invest their time and resources in ensuring that you’re set for success throughout the interviewing process. As a candidate I felt well represented and I feel this was key in being chosen. I’m so happy I have developed this relationship as it has changed my career for the better.
Thank you, Elite Asset Team!!!!
I would highly recommend Elite Asset Staffing to other job-seekers. The staff has been very helpful and accommodating, beginning with prepping me for the initial job interview, to checking in on me frequently to ensure that my assignment was running smoothly. The time sheet submission process could not be simpler, and the direct deposit option is very convenient and secure.  I cannot thank the staff enough for looking out for me and helping to open doors and opportunities in my career path.

I first met Jacki when I was a part-time working mom of a preschooler, easing myself back into the workforce after a layoff. The company Jacki worked for at that time happened to have an empty desk and varying needs, and I was willing to reinvent myself to do whatever they needed. Instead of sending me off to work for a client, she decided to keep me for herself. Fortunately for me, this began what has become a 10+ year professional relationship as a co-worker, candidate and client. Jacki has helped me progress from answering phones and filing a few hours a week to a career (not a job – a career!) in the Human Resource Department at one of the largest international luxury retailers on the planet.

When my position with her in the staffing company was eliminated, she had me interviewing for a new job within hours, but only after she gave me the blazer off her back and the necklace from her neck to make sure “we” were making the best impression possible. She takes a personal interest, making sure that both the client and the candidate are perfect for each other. Jacki is responsible for helping me find three of the four positions I have held since I graduated college. I would not be where I am without her.

As I have progressed professionally, so has Jacki, and I could not be more thrilled for her as the Managing Partner of Elite Asset Staffing. I am now in a position that I love with an amazing company, and I owe it to Jacki’s years of guidance, persistence, honesty, and her innate ability to match the right candidates with the right companies. The recruiting world is not always the nicest place, but Jacki and her team are different – they are indeed “Elite” by every definition of the word.


Summing up my amazing experience with Elite Asset Staffing is quite hard to do! From the moment I walked in for my first interview to my congratulations call from Jacki Nitti, I felt empowered by them. Before meeting them, I was feeling so discouraged as I was let down by each job I applied for.  Elite took me in and made me feel like a candidate anyone would be lucky to have! (The fact that they possess the traits to make someone feel so special is AWESOME!) I feel like I owe them so much for helping me get my foot in the door at an awesome company. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to you guys.
Thank you!
Jordan B. 🙂
I have never been without a job! In March 2018 I found myself without one. I reached out to Jacki Nitti and she never left me until she found a place that I could call home. As a temp, she walked me through every step of the way. I spent over 600 hours as a temp until I was offered a position with a great company and great people.
Jacki text messaged me every Friday without fail! She wasn’t only my source of finding employment she became my friend! Should I ever need help finding a new home, I wouldn’t hesitate in reaching out to Jacki.
Elite Asset is lucky to have her!
Cindy R.

I would like to thank Susan for giving me the opportunity to work for my current company. I appreciate all of her help with keeping me updated, answering my questions, and being available to me. Working with Elite has been a great experience. Opening this door to work for such a great company is something I will be forever grateful for.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jacki Nitti and everyone who has helped me along the way at Elite to be where I am today.  After being a stay at home mom for 2 years I knew going back to the work field was not going to be easy.  I found Elite on Indeed, applied and was called in to meet with them the next day. From the moment I walked into the office I felt a sense of comfort.  Everyone was so friendly. I met with Jacki who listened to what I was looking for and worked within minutes to find the perfect fit. She sent me on an interview a few days after. She prepped me and constantly reassured me of positive outcomes. She was absolutely right.  I began working shortly after.

Every Friday Jacki would check in and make sure everything was okay and if it wasn’t she would make any changes necessary. My assignment ended, and without fail Jacki had another one lined up. Same process of prepping and checking in. It was great to know she cared enough to make time every week for updates.

I now am a full time employee with a great company. Although sad to leave Elite, I feel very fortunate I had such a great team to help me transition back into the work field. Elite listened to my wants and goals, and were able to provide me with opportunities to get me here today.  Jacki was truly dedicated, and the communication was incredible.  I never had to feel stuck or afraid to go to her with concerns.  I absolutely will recommend Elite to anyone who is looking for a job, or just a new path in a career.  They really value their employees and it shows. I truly have had the best experience with Elite Asset Staffing.

BethAnn C.


I received a call from a recruiter at Elite Asset Staffing regarding a job I was not interested in. Upon the recruiter’s suggestion I went to Elite’s office to meet her and Jacki Nitti, a managing partner. I must admit I had low expectations as I’ve met other recruiters who reviewed your resume and enthusiastically stated “let’s find you a job” when the reality was you rarely hear back from them. Elite was different, they had a conversation inquiring about who you are and what are you looking for, it was like talking to a friend. Luckily for me Jacki had a position in mind and she acted immediately establishing a plan of action, so I knew right away what was required of me.

Once the initial interview was scheduled Jacki coached me, not just to advise on how many copies of my resume to bring, what time to arrive and dress attire. She let me know what the people were like that I was going to interview with, the company history overview and we reviewed my questions in depth. I went into the interview well prepared and got the opportunity for a second interview. Jacki kept me advised of events during the interview process and met with me before the second interview to ensure I was prepared. I was and received a job offer!

During my interactions with Jacki, I felt as if there was someone in my corner whom I trusted and could speak candidly with. I am grateful for the attention I received from Elite Asset Staffing, they are a caring group of people. I would whole heartily recommend Elite Asset Staffing to anyone looking for a job.



From day one one I have been consistently impressed with Jacki’s level of professionalism. She understands the job needs and for the second time she was able to place me with a great company.
I found Jacki to be genuine, very friendly and extremely helpful during the application process, she is definitely an expert in her field. I would certainly recommend this staffing agency and hope that her efficiency will help other candidates find a job and amazing support that I had.
-Tarnia G
I started looking for another job in January 2019. I wasn’t having any success and then met Jacki Nitti. Jacki understood all my needs and wants, she kept me posted on open positions which she felt matched my needs.
Finally in July she found the job am currently employed with. If it wasn’t for Jacki I would still be looking and most likely be discouraged and miserable where I was. Thank you so much Jacki for your efforts and persistence.  I really appreciate it!
Everything about my experience was amazing! Jacki and Toni were both so unbelievably helpful and generous. They called me multiple times regarding new jobs that were available and how they fit what I was looking for. When we found a job that worked, they set up the interview, helped me with making my resume look more appealing, helped me prep for the interview and explained exactly what the company was looking for. Once I went on the interview, I immediately got the job and two weeks later, I was hired as a full-time employee by the company. During this time, Toni texted me every week to make sure I was enjoying myself and sent me words of encouragement. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and if I am ever in need of a job, Elite Asset Staffing will be my first call!

-Claudia S.


I would like to thank Susan for giving me the opportunity to work for my current company. I appreciate all her help with keeping me updated, answering my questions and being available to me. Working with Elite has been a great experience. Opening this door to work for such a great company is something I will forever be grateful for.
Melissa G-

Elite Staffing was great from beginning to end. Everyone that works in the office was kind and accommodating to every need and question I had. Toni, my recruiter, checked in with me at least once a week to make sure I was doing well and there were no issues in the workplace. This is an agency that honestly, truly cares about the people they find jobs for and the places they put them in. Their honesty and transparency makes you feel at ease, knowing that they have your best interest at heart. If anyone is looking for a job, I highly recommend Elite Staffing!

Marisa B-